Difference between Mammoth and Elephant


It is very important to know the difference between mammoth and elephant, two mammals that belong to the family ‘Elephantidae’. Both species size is extremely large. In the case of the mammoths, they lived 3700 years ago and are already extinct. its specimens were hairy, with large tusks that were in front of his face, had small ears, lived on glaciers, weighed tons. On the contrary, elephants still exist even at the risk of extinction by the hand of the man who destroys their habitat and hunts to extract their tusks for ivory. There are two species of elephants today, African and Asian. Their appearance is different from that of mammoths, they do not have much hair, their habitat is in savannas, marshes, deserts and forests. In addition, both fed on leaves, fruits, plants, being herbivores.


It is a Russian name that derives from ‘mamoht’. Mammoths make up a genus of mammals belonging to the family of elephants. These disappeared from the face of the earth approximately 3700 years ago. There were several species but the woolly mammoth was the best known. Between its characteristics it emphasized its great size; there was a species that was cataloged as the largest, where its specimens could reach 5.3 meters in height and its length was 9.1 meters, it was called ‘M. Sungari ‘.

On the other hand, the wool that covered their bodies protected them from the intense cold of the glaciers and their ears were extremely small. His diet could be 180 kilos of food a day. Some species of mammoths are: African, Columbian, Pygmy, Sardinian, southern and woolly, however there were others.



It derives from the Latin ‘elephas’ which means ‘elephantes’. It is a mammal that comes from the group of ‘proboscides’ and is the largest land animal that makes life on earth. Among its features include its large trunk, which they use as a hand and has only muscles, their ears are large and drooping. At the moment two types of elephants are distinguished, the (Elephas) ​​that are Asian and the (Loxodonta) that are African. There is a kind of marine elephant, which is aquatic and resembles a seal. The males have a snout that looks like a horn.

Elephants are herbivores, they live in herds, their skin is very thick gray or brown. They have an excellent memory and their life time is between 50 and 70 years. There is a record of the largest elephant that has been hunted, which weighed 11,000 kg. In addition, they inhabit jungles, deserts, and savannas and are in danger of extinction. They consume approximately 320 kilos of food daily, based on leaves, fruits, herbs and plants; In addition, they drink between 70 and 90 liters of water daily.

Difference between Mammoth and Elephant

– Very large and arched tusks.

– Extremely large height, they measure more than five meters.

– They lived in the glaciers.

– Its extinction came from the hand of man.

– Very small ears.

– Hair covered.

– Smaller tusks.

– They are smaller in size, measure between 3 and 4 meters.

– Usually live in the savannas, jungles and deserts.

– They still exist but the danger of extinction is latent.

– Big ears and thick.

– Thick skin, little hair


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